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The Rise of Medical Spa + Aesthetics & Wellness in Franchising

This article is aimed at spreading the news about the rise of medical + aesthetics and the increasing demand for non-invasive cosmetic procedures, along with the benefits of franchising to do so.

Medical Aesthetics + Spa + Salon Franchise

A unique medspa/aesthetics & wellness spa business model has captured the attention of consumers. People are investing more in self-care, paying attention to their health and well-being, and they are looking for convenient and accessible ways to do so. A day "spa center" such as Glosshouz, for example, encompasses multi-discipline licensed providers including specialized Registered Nurses, Cosmetologists, Estheticians and Massage Therapists.

The interesting aspect of this model is how synergistic and compelling the offerings are for our guest clients. Our trained experts along with our BFF Savings Program monthly membership, I like to say, "creates a spa for the people" and a way to develop loyal clients who enjoy getting all of their aesthetics & wellness services done in one place. I love when I meet people out who may be members of Glosshouz, and they say to me, "Glosshouz?! that's my spa!"

Increasing Popularity of Minimally-invasive Treatments

With the ever-evolving new technology and treatments for aesthetics, along with well-publicized treatment outcomes and offerings all over social media, people are learning that they can achieve great cosmetic results with little to no downtime. This makes these treatments more acceptable and more accessible to the masses as an appealing alternative to traditional invasive procedures such as plastic surgery.

Franchising Opportunities for Mespa/Aesthetic & Wellness Spas

The medspa industry is expected to grow and it will be able to benefit from the franchise business model to grow quickly within brand franchise systems. Previously, the medspa business has been very fragmented. According to the American Medical Spa Assocation, AMSPA’s 2022 Medical Spa: State of the Industry report, there were only 8,841 medspas in the United States in 2022, and of these medspas 81% of them are single location brands. However, that will be changing quickly.

Franchise brands like Glosshouz are emerging to offer med/aesthetcis and wellness spa opportunities to a growing number of entrepreneurs. Franchise system offerings will be advantaged if they can show diverse revenue streams, a profitable business model, continued annual growth, and a successful recurring revenue membership model in order to retain and grow their client base.

Appeal of Medspa/Aesthetics & Wellness Franchise Opportunities

Many entrepreneurs are drawn to business format franchising because it offers a proven business model and support from the experienced franchisor as well as potential for speeding time to earnings. However, for business owners who are not medical professionals (and even if they are), the learning curve to create a medspa/aesthetic & wellness spa which is successful in the market can be quite steep. A successful franchise business format can speed time to profitability and increase your chances for success.

Franchisor's Role in Development of Med/Aesthetics & Wellness Business

When it comes to medical aesthetics, the legal environment for a lay-person (non-physician) who wants to own and operate a medspa can be complicated and vary state-to-state. Medspa business management can be involved with the need to organize a professional medical entity to oversee the qualifications of licensed medical professionals, develop beneficial relationships with medspa product suppliers, develop expert teams and training for the business, learn effective marketing strategies, understand and choose the best growth strategies for the medspa business with energy devices and so on. Therefore, the franchisees will benefit from the franchisor's expertise in areas such as marketing, product development, equipment choices, employee development, sales training, best practices and operational support.

Choose a Competitive Franchise Brand that Resonates with Consumers

Medspa/aesthetic & wellness franchisors with a differentiated brand can help franchisees get up and running quickly and overcome any challenges they face along the way. They can also be invaluable in keeping up with industry trends (which are changing quickly) and can help the franchisee business to continue to evolve and innovate to meet changing consumer demand and stay ahead of the competition.

In conclusion, the rise of med + aesthetics & wellness spas reflects a growing trend in the health and wellness industry. People are seeking convenient, non-invasive, and accessible ways to enhance their appearance and improve their well-being, and these innovative and modern businesses are meeting this demand. With continued growth and franchise systems available to support entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams of business ownership in the aesthetics and wellness industry to own their own spa center, the industry is poised to grow in double-digits and remain a significant piece of the health and wellness sector.

Glosshouz spa franchise was founded in 2016 in Denver, CO metro area and began offering franchises in 2023. If you'd like to learn more about the Glosshouz Spa Center Franchise business offering, visit

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