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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the initial investment to open a Glosshouz Spa Center franchise?

Glosshouz USA offers three Spa Center business format models:  The "Original Large Format" footprint spa center facility which is developed within 3800 - 4200 square feet, an "Optimized Smaller Format" footprint full-service Spa Center franchise facility which is developed within 2800 - 3000 square feet, and a third premise option is for a Glosshouz "Medspa-focused Format" and requires 1800 - 2200 square feet.  The first two listed premise formats are designed for and capable of offering all services categories; the third "Medspa-focused Format" option offers all service categories except for hair salon and nails. Food and beverage operations are optional for all three formats.


The initial investment estimates for each of the three Glosshouz Spa Center formats:

1. Original Spa Center Format:  From $885,500 to $1,397,000

2. Optimized Spa Center Format:  From $611,700 to $956,200

3. Medspa-focused Format:  From $411,500 to $759,800

How much money do I need up front? 

You will need $300,00, $250,000, or $200,00 respectively in liquid capital in order to qualify as a franchisee for each of the Spa Center formats listed above.  This amount considers capital needed for your loan equity investment and includes estimated working capital requirements for each model.

How long does the Glosshouz Spa Center franchise development take?

Spa Center development takes approximately 7 - 10 months after location is secured.  *Note: This depends on the premise format size chosen and is a baseline schedule. 

How much can I make with a Glosshouz Spa Center franchise business?

You are ultimately responsible for the success of your Glosshouz Spa Center franchise business, but to give you an idea of the earning potential and the breakdown in revenue, expenses, and profit for one Glosshouz Spa Center location, head over to Earning Potential

Glosshouz routinely provides medical aesthetic services such as injectables and other medical services.  Does that mean I need to be a doctor for this concept? 

No you do not need to be a doctor for this concept! However, you will hire licensed team members to provide most services including registered nurses, estheticians, cosmetologists, and massage therapists.


How do we define our spa center franchise territories? 

We utilize franchise territory analytical tools to provide population density analysis and demographic trends of population growth, target household income, age and gender of population, and psychographics to determine boundaries for Glosshouz territories that match a successful location. 

Do you have franchise lenders that we can work with?

Yes! We have SBA and other lenders that we work with. Typically, lenders will be looking for $200,000 to $300,000 in liquidity depending on your investment franchise format choice above and $1,000,000 net worth. 

Do you have multi-unit development opportunities? 

Yes, we do have multi-unit development opportunities.  

Do I have to be an onsite Spa Manager of this spa franchise business and is there a requirement to work in the business?

Though it is not required to be an onsite Spa Manager for the Glosshouz Spa Center franchise, we expect most Operating Partners may be very hands on in the beginning and will be in the spa frequently either managing the spa directly or to work with the Spa Manager they will hire. Over time, a Spa Manager will be able to take over most duties while you are primarily absent. 

How do I hire my team for the Glosshouz Spa Center franchise location?

We have best practice tools, forms and processes for help with recruiting, onboarding and training your team.  We offer business coaching and training to help guide you regularly both before and after you open.

How do I select my spa franchise location and real estate?

We provide a comprehensive Site Selection Guide which includes criteria to look for when choosing your ideal Glosshouz Spa Center location. We may deploy a local broker in your market to help identify different locations in upscale retail areas. You have the option to use your own broker as well.  Any site chosen requires Glosshouz USA final approval.

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