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7 Steps to Open a Glosshouz Spa Franchise Business

Updated: Apr 16

Glosshouz USA offers a Spa Center Franchise business to entrepreneurial individuals who are passionate about team and guests.  Whether you have experience as a business owner previously or if this is your first entrepreneurial endeavor, you may wonder:  What are the steps to start a spa franchise business?

Read on to learn the 7 exciting steps to start your multi-million dollar spa franchise business with us.


Step 1 Take the First Step!

The world is full of individuals who desire…but don’t do.  That’s the difference between those who have success and those who don’t.  Action is the number one element for success in business.  That’s why the first step is to Book a Call. 


There’s no getting around it.  To be successful, you need to take the first step and each to follow. 


What happens during a call with our franchise development team?  During the call you’ll get a thorough overview of what the Glosshouz Spa Center business is all about.  You’ll learn how it is so successful, why it’s competitive in the market, how it turns guests into loyal members, and then we’ll talk numbers.  How much does it cost to get started? How much can you make?  After all, you’re your business is an investment which is expected to return a profit.  That’s one of the reasons why business ownership is so rewarding.


After Step 1, we decide if you should receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).  The FDD is a standardized and legally required lengthy document covering topics, “Items 1 – 23”, which disclose various information about the franchise business.   This information is required to be delivered so that an interested candidate can make an informed decision about investing in the franchise business.  We will also send you the Franchise Candidate Profile Questionnaire.  This Questionnaire contains a profile checklist for you to fill in regarding your qualifications and experience in business.  As you might imagine, just like you, we want to find quality and competent business professionals we can work closely with over the next years to grow our Glosshouz business successfully.


Step 2  A Deep Dive Together


During this step, after you’ve had time to read the FDD, we’ll have another call to go over the FDD information and answer any questions that you may have.  Major topics to cover might include:


Item 7 Initial Investment Requirements – We can discuss the estimates to get started in the business and our basis for these numbers. 

Item 19 Financial Performance Representations – This is the information disclosed by Glosshouz USA which shows the actual historical performance data for a representative Spa Center business.


We can also discuss the technology systems provided, the territory assignment process, your protected territory rights, the ongoing business coaching and support from our franchise headquarters team, and more. 


Step 3 Financial Planning


The next step is to determine if you will be financially qualified to able to invest in the Glosshouz Spa Center.  There are two model formats and investment levels to choose from:

  • * Optimized Smaller Format – from $611 K up to $956 K

Requires $250 K Liquid

  • * Original Larger Format – from $885 K up to $1.359 M

Requires $300 K Liquid


The Optimized Smaller Format is a redesigned Glosshouz Spa Center which fits into a smaller footprint.  This architected design contains all the essential revenue generating stations and areas but is optimized to reduce wasted space.


The Original Larger Format is modeled after the original flagship Glosshouz Spa Center location which is located in Centennial, CO a suburb of Denver.


Step 4 Discovery Day at Glosshouz


This is your opportunity to relax at the spa!  Plan a trip to Glosshouz.  Experience our Spa Center hospitality and lovely inviting spaces with excellent technical services provided.  We know you will be impressed with our Spa Center design.  During this trip we will get to know each other better, help answer all of your questions, go over the business plan and timeline, and strategize about your location.  We can’t wait to meet you!


Step 5 Decide if Glosshouz is Right for You


This essential step in the process is where we mutually decide if you are a good fit for Glosshouz.  If you are determined to be able to own your own Glosshouz Spa Center franchise, understand that we will be working together closely for years to come. We want to make sure that all parties are aligned towards our mutual goals and success in business.   


To secure a Glosshouz territory in your community for yourself, you will then sign the Franchise Agreement and remit initial fee:  * $45,000  The exact location for your Glosshouz Spa Center franchise can be determined later. 

Congratulations!  You are on now on your way to becoming an essential business operating partner in the Glosshouz franchise system.  Be assured that our priority is your success which in turn determines our success as a growing brand.  


Step 6 Site Selection and Lease Negotiation


Location, location, location!  It’s true.  A great location can help make your business more successful. 


If you wanted to go to a day spa, salon, or medspa in your area, what would be convenient for you?  This is the essential question you need to ask yourself. 


Find a convenient location that is about the right size, with great parking, which is convenient to drive to for many women primarily. Our guests like to come to us frequently.  That is partly because we offer a variety of treatments, in a welcoming environment, with easy parking, in a convenient area. 


We will offer you our “Site Selection Guide” to help provide valuable insights to the Glosshouz clientele demographics.  As well the Site Selection Guide provides essential data on the type of space you will require for your spa buildout. Plumbing size, electrical required, HVAC needs etc.  Ask us for this document when you get to this Step!


Once you find a great location or two or three…then it’s time to negotiate.  You will have a commercial real estate broker during this step, leverage them as well.  Once you get ready to prepare the Letter of Intent (LOI) offer to the landlord, we can help you negotiate a winning scenario. 


Once the LOI is agreed between you and your new landlord then the fun begins.  Next, it is time to architect the spa design in your new space.  We will be happy to help you design a beautiful on-brand Glosshouz Spa Center for your new location.  The architect plans may take about 30 days to complete then we bid to General Contractors and award the project to one.


Step 7 Build your Glosshouz Spa Center


Building the Glosshouz Spa Center is like building a small home.  It should take about 7 months, give or take.  There is a lot of plumbing and permitting involved!  We help you with the project management for your new spa construction.  Our chosen teams have years of experience building major franchise brands in all states across the USA.


During the construction phase while you are waiting for your spa to be built, we implement your onboarding and learning of the Glosshouz Spa Center franchise business.  Online learning, in person learning, setting up and configuring of systems, planning your applicable services strategy, ordering spa supplies, equipment, and products, executing the grand opening marketing plan, recruiting and hiring your initial providers and front desk team… we help you with all of this and more. 

You are an important part of our business growth strategy.  Our main purpose is to help you be successful in the Glosshouz USA franchise system.

Are you ready to begin your journey towards owning your own wonderful Glosshouz Spa Center business? If you'd like to learn more about us, take the first step! Book a Call


*Per Glosshouz USA FDD as amended July 2023. Always refer to the most recent Glosshouz FDD for the most up to date and accurate information.



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