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How much can you make?

Two of the primary questions franchise business investors have in mind when exploring a franchise opportunity is, “How much can I make?” and "What is the ROI (Return on Investment) for this franchise opportunity?" 


To give you an idea of your earning potential, we’ve included results from the 2023 fiscal year at our flagship location in Centennial, CO (a suburb of Southeast of Denver, CO).  This financial performance representation and other earnings information is also found in our 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document. 

Revenue $3.5 Million*

*Total sales revenue amount of a Glosshouz Spa Center location for 2023 which has been in business for seven years.  You may sell more or less than this amount.  There is no guarantee that you will sell this amount.

Net Profit $528,936*

*Total profit amount after subtracting estimated franchise royalties and franchise costs for the same Glosshouz Spa Center location for 2023.  You may make more or less than this amount.  There is no guarantee you will earn this amount.

Owning a Glosshouz Spa Center franchise can give you the financial independence you desire and help you build the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. As a business owner, your earning potential is ultimately up to you. The growth of your business and its success is in your control, and we do what we can to help you reach your personal goals.

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